Other Supplementary

Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager’s AR Manager and AP Manager is designed to manage Account Receivable (AR) and Account Payable (AP) respectively with support of Journal Adjustment and export to General Ledger (GL).


Accounting - AR

Account Receivable (AR) provides comprehensive account receivable functions with support of Debit Note generation (batch/ad hoc print); Collection Advise (batch/ad-hoc print); receipt, on-line transaction mark off; bank-in.

Accounting - AP

Account Payable (AP) provides comprehensive account payable functions with support of Payment Remittance (batch/ad hoc print); credit/debit balance for same company; on-line transaction mark off.

Documentation Manager

Documentation Manager is designed to serve as the gateway between applications and word documents.

Documentation Manager provides powerful and flexible tools to integrate application output to standard Microsoft Word 2000 with supports of bookmarks, pop-up macro, etc.,

Email Manager

Email Manager is deigned to serve as a gateway between applications and email facility.

Email Manager supports individual email or email group.


Contact Manager (CRM)

Contact Manager is designed to manage contact(s) – companies and personal.

Contact Manager provides powerful architecture for user to manage company, company group and personal contacts.


Diary Manager

Dairy Manager is designed to manage daily personal activity and schedule.

Diary Manager is supported with on-line calendar selection with options of appointments, to-do-list and reminders.


Joint Sales Manager

Joint Sales Manager is designed to manage ad-hoc joint sales activities within an establishment.

Joint Sales Manager provides flexible management for the provision of establishment’s joint sales activities with support front-end counter POS Manager and back-end Asset Manager for inventory management.