Form Filler Manager (FFM)

Form Filler Tools

Issues that Users Face

Large amount of information is hand-written and recorded manually on paper. Typical examples may be of the visitors information collected at trade fairs, conferences or gatherings. In order to manipulate the collected information effectively, these information has to be converted to electronic format. This would in turn invoke tedious data conversion process, i.e. data entries operations or scanning. Manual data conversion would inevitably invoke in human operational errors since the data entry input screen layout would inevitably be differ from the paper form.



SIA being an application service provider understand the requirements of user in terms of converting large amount of textual information from paper format to electronic format. Form Filler Manager 1.0 is a tool that aid users in minimizing the errors invoked in the manual data conversion process.

What is Form Filler Manager 1.0 ?

To cut down or minimize human operational error, FDM 1.0 offers the following facilities:

  • Display Side-by-side - FDM 1.0 offers facilities to place the scanned textual information side-by-side with the data entry form defined to capture operator manual key-in data
  •  ŸInput Sequence - FDM 1.0 provides facilities for user to freely define data entry fields and their respective sequence in line with the textual information fields on the hardcopies.


  • Handwritten Information Management -FDM 1.0 provides the following facilities in terms of managing the handwritten information:
  • Facility to scan in handwritten information
  • Facility for user to identify areas of textual information to be converted, i.e. in turn define the data conversion sequence
  • Facility to display the scanned data entry form for display side by side with the Data Entry Form
  • Data Entry Information Management -FDM 1.0 provides the following facilities in terms of managing the data entry form (Form that uses to capture data entries) :
  • User-friendly interface for user to dynamically define fields of the data entry form
  • Facility for define the sequence of the input fields of the data entry form in line with the data entry sequence defined
  • ŸCaptured Data Management -FDM 1.0 supports the following converted data file formatss:
  • MS Excel
  • XML
  • Database
  • 2-dimensional Bar-code

 The 2-dimensional bar-code acts unique identifier that identify each of the data entry